Le Beauvallon

Le Beauvallon is a private, four-hectare luxury estate in the Bay of Saint Tropez. As the only remaining Belle Époque palace between Cannes and Marseille, it is steeped in history and is the perfect place for those looking to experience a world of shimmering blue seas, scented hillsides and warm starry evenings.

Combining heritage, nature and a timeless elegance, stays at Le Beauvallon are effortlessly easy and truly unforgettable.

the estate - watercolour.jpg

Getting Here

The major regional airport in Nice is just a 90-minute drive away. There are also other airports nearby and helicopters can land onsite.

Transport services are available on request. Helicopters and private jets can also be arranged.


There are very few places in the world where one feels refreshed... These special places fill us with desire to stop, make ourselves comfortable and wish that the sun and time would stand still, so that one can at last taste the exquisite happiness...
— Count J.D. Germond, historian, writing about Le Beauvallon

...I had known nothing about this life...Forty three degrees Centigrade, the sea a fierce blue. I sleep on the terrace... Sunrise turns the sea white, and oh madame, the garlic and the onions in this latitude are so sweet...
— Colette, novelist, writing at Le Beauvallon